Free Delivery within 3.5 miles £15 Minimum Delivery Over 5 miles £3.50

Delivery Areas

Barns Green: £1.50, Faygate: £1.50, Five oaks: £1.50, Kilnwood Vale: £2.00, Kingsfold £1.50, Lower Beeding £1.50, Maplehurst £1.50, Monks Gate £1.00, Plummers Plain £1.50, Rowhook £1.50, Rusper £2.50, Shipley £2.50

Rudgewick: £4.00 ( Minimum order of £25 )

Partidge Green: £4.00 ( Minimum order of £25 )

Cowfold: £4.00 ( Minimum order of £25 )


If you are in a new build estate or are particularly difficult to find, please state in the notes section of your order to ensure a smooth delivery. Our delivery times can take less than forty-five minutes when ordered in the first hour of opening or up to an hour and fifteen minutes during peak times, however this can sometimes increase when exceptionally busy, we will attempt to make the effort to let you know of this on the rare occasion this does happen.