• SHAMDO CHICKEN OR LAMB BALTI £7.35 Chicken or Iamb, cooked with herbs and strong spices. Nepali style
  • RAMO CHICKEN OR LAMB BALTI £7.35 This highly recommended spiced dish, cooked in the iron soulk with onions, green peppers and chilli.
  • KING PRAWN BASANT BALTI £10.25 King prawns in shell, cooked in garlic sauce with delicate spices.
  • ZAMANIA SPECIAL BALTI £9.25 Mixture of Tandoori dishes, cooked in a rich medium sauce.
  • PRAWN BALTI £9.25
  • NAVARUN £6.75 Mixed vegetables, cooked in a mild creamy sauce.
  • HAAS BAAS BALTI £9.25 Tender duck fillets with spicy bamboo shoots.